Vivienne Tam MP3 Walkman

December 6th, 2007

The pioneer of the East-meets-West aesthetic, Vivienne Tam has just enriched the world of elite gadgets by launching Tam MP3 Walkman. Featuring original design, the player pushed the boundaries of the standard device concept, creating real buzz both among trend-setters and technicians.

Vivienne Tam has won international recognition as the founder of China chic series, exquisite fashion collections characterized by Eastern exotic and Western functionality. Brought up in Hong Kong and currently living in New York, Vivienne Tam knows how to mix Chinese elegance and refined taste with American aspiration for ultimate serviceability; and her latest creation Tam MP3 Walkman proves it.

The player was co-developed with industrial designer Kitman Keung who charged himself with the technical aspect, while Vivienne worked on its style. As a result, the genuine 4GB Tam MP3 Walkman combines both up-to-date players' specifications and a trendy look. That wasn't the first Tam's experience of designing electronics, as in 2006 she created a series of handset pouches for Motorola. This fact seems especially significant, considering that most experts compare the latest Tam's invention either with a watch or with a clip-on cell-phone.

Here are some more details about the MP3's design, as its appearance represents the main feature of the player. Tam MP3 Walkman is distinguished by a sleek lacquered surface, gorgeous curved shape which allows to fix it to the belt, a large black screen, and, what is its most crucial characteristic, the red color. Looking at its stylish curvaceous design and its bright striking color, one can be absolutely sure who is the target audience of the current Vivienne's innovation. Without any doubt, that is a modern woman who will enjoy Tam MP3 Walkman in full. Fashion-conscious and bold, she is interested in eye-catching accessories rather than in technical devices and expects gadgets to compliment her exterior. That is why, the player's showy look is the basic advantage of Tam MP3 Walkman over similar products. A typical woman doesn't care how much space and what options her player has, the only thing she needs is an attractive device which will make heads turn and give it a second look. Taking into account this aspiration, Vivienne Tam has definitely hit the mark by producing sporty Tam MP3 Walkman.

However, as for the potential use of the device, Tam MP3 Walkman is an ordinary portable gadget which can decode only MP3 file formats and doesn't have any extra smart options, like games, video capabilities etc. Some experts are inclined to believe the Tam MP3 Walkman's form dominates its content, and, in addition, being launched by a popular designer, the player costs considerably more than an iPod. Besides, the name of Tam MP3 Walkman arouses suspicion, as Walkman is Sony's copyright.

Despite these facts most people are looking forward to see the genuine device and to form their own opinion. The first place where Tam MP3 Walkman will be available is the Vivienne Tam flagship store in New York.

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