Dell DJ Ditty

September 5th, 2007

The Dell DJ Ditty is one of the few MP3 players that Dell has released to date, and this is by far not the best on the market. The design of the Ditty is small and compact making it not able to hold a lot of flash memory (512mb) for the songs to be stored upon and that in total is only about 220 songs. That may be a lot of songs when you first think about it, but for a lot of people who have gigabytes upon gigabytes of songs stored upon there computers and other storage devices, that is not a lot.

The screen on the Dell DJ Ditty is also quite small, along with the entire device, making it much harder for the consumers to view the name and details of the song they are listening to. The small design also has made the buttons a lot smaller and again, a lot harder to use for most. With the small buttons it makes it much harder for people who have rounder and chubbier fingers to use them, thus cutting that portion of the community out of its buying grasp. But on the upside, the small and sleek design of the Dell DJ Ditty makes it much easier to carry in ones pocket, bag or around their neck. It weights only 1.29 ounces so you will not even notice it is there. Just like most other MP3 players, it has all the normal features like USB 2.0, a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack and a large 14 hour rechargeable battery life.

Out of ten, I give the Dell DJ Ditty a five.

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